Application for membership

As a member of the Dutch Jules Verne Society, you receive the magazine De Verniaan twice per year, you can attend the half-yearly meetings, and you can purchase various publications that are exclusively available to members. The contribution is € 30,– per calendar year. If you join the Society after 30 June, you pay only € 15,– for the remainder of the current year.

To apply for membership, you can fill in the form below, or write to the secretary.

Application form

I apply for membership of the Dutch Jules Verne Society and bind myself to pay the contribution within three weeks after receiving notice from the treasurer.



Application by mail

You can also contact the secretary:

Annemiek van den Heuvel
Secretary, Jules Verne Genootschap
Honthorstlaan 70
1816 TC Alkmaar
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)72-5627995

If you want, you can download and print the application form (pdf, in Dutch).