An important part of the meetings of the Dutch Jules Verne Society is the internal bookmarket. Members sell each other books, films and other material. Even seasoned collectors can still find something interesting here.

The Society also participates in other bookmarkets on a regular basis. In the past, we have been on bookmarkets in Bredevoort, Delfshaven and Utrecht. For a long time, participating in the Dordtse Boekenmarkt used to be a regular activity of the Dutch Jules Verne Society. Nowadays, we occasionally participate in bookmarkets somewhere in the country.

Photo: Dordrecht bookmarket

The items that we sell are provided by the members of the Dutch Jules Verne Society, who donate 20% of the profit they make to the Society. We only sell items related to Jules Verne.

The main part is books, of course (1864 – today); not only in Dutch, but also titles in French, English, German, Spanish and other languages. Besides books, we occasionally offer other items, such as an Around the World in 80 Days game.

You can also find our own publications:

Of course, there are always enthusiastic members available to answer your questions!

Photo: Dordtse boekenmarkt