De graaf van Chanteleine

Book: De graaf van Chanteleine
De graaf van Chanteleine

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In the year 1793, the French Revolution is in full swing. The Republic has been declared, the king has been executed, and the power is in the hands of radical revolutionaries under Robespierre. Opponents of the regime face the guillotine. In Brittany and the Vendée, an uprising of peasants and noblemen develops into a bloody civil war. After a series of victories, the Catholic and Royal Army is finally defeated by the republican troops.

During the aftermath of the revolt, the Count of Chanteleine learns that his wife and daughter are in grave danger. Accompanied by his faithful servant Kernan, the Count hurries to his castle in the remote parts of the Finistère. Will he be in time to save his family? And will he be able to stay clear of the bloodthirsty republicans himself?

In De graaf van Chanteleine, Jules Verne, who is mainly known for his adventurous travel stories, shows his talents as a writer of historical fiction. The Dutch Jules Verne Society publishes this unknown work of the great author for the first time in Dutch. Detailed historical background information helps the reader understand the context.

This paperback edition of De graaf van Chanteleine contains 150 pages, and is printed in black and white with a full-colour cover. All original engravings are included, as well as three maps showing the locations where the story takes place.

ISBN: 978-90-78363-17-0
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