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Jules Verne’s novel Bourses de voyage was published in 1903 by Hetzel, Paris. It wasn’t until 2014 that it appeared in Dutch, translated by Paul de Meij and serialised in the Dutch Jules Verne Society’s magazine De Verniaan. For the current edition, the text has been thoroughly revised and partly retranslated by Gerrit Boers.

The rich Mrs Kethlen Seymour of Barbados offers nine prizes to the winners of a contest held among the pupils of Antilian School in London. The prizes are travel scholarships, enabling the laureates to travel to the Antillian islands where they were born. They will also receive a bonus of £700 each. The nine boys, accompanied by their mentor, set sail from Cork on the schooner Alert. A band of pirates, however, has murdered the captain and crew of the ship and taken their places. The pirates intend to make the trip as planned, murder the passengers, steal their prize money and leave for the Pacific to resume their piracy…

Part 1 describes the journey from Cork to Saint Martin, via Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. In part 2, the other islands are visited. The journey back from Barbados to England has a vernian outcome…

This hardcover edition of Reisbeurzen, bound in a full-colour cover, contains 314 pages. All the original engravings are included, some in full colour.

ISBN: 978-90-78363-22-4
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