Foundation Jules Verne Archive and Library

Purpose of the foundation

The Stichting Jules Verne Archief en Bibliotheek (Foundation Jules Verne Archive and Library), formally established on 4 January 2005, aims to “set up, manage and maintain a library, consisting of publications in the broadest sense, that may be of interest to the members of the Dutch Jules Verne Society”.

Logo: Archive

Archive / Library

At this moment (November 2005), the library contains over 2000 items of all kinds. An extensive databse has been created and is constantly updated. It contains among others:

Board of directors

The members of the board of directors of the foundation are:

Frits Roest, president
Cees Moonen, secretary
Gerrit Boers, treasurer

For more information, you can contact the archivist:

Frits Roest
Archivaris Jules Verne Genootschap
Haselweg 18
6721 ME Bennekom
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)318-418875

Selection from the archive

On this website, we present a unique, regularly updated selection of items from the Jules Verne archive.


The Jules Verne Archive regularly publishes catalogues of the objects in its collection. So far, the following catalogues have appeared:

  1. Catalogue I: Newspaper and magazine articles, from 1866–2006
  2. Catalogue II: Foreign objects, from 1858–2006