Biographic and bibliographic works

The Dutch Jules Verne Society regularly issues publications on various topics, among others biographic and bibliographic works.

The aim of the Dutch Jules Verne Society is to collect, process and distribute information of and about Jules Verne and his works. The Society’s efforts in this area have led to several publications.

In 2005, the book In de ban van Jules Verne was published, the first Dutch biography since E. Franquinet’s work in 1942. Extensive reseach into the many different Dutch editions of Jules Verne’s works resulted in the publication of the Dutch Jules Verne bibliography. Additionally, the Society has published several other bibliographic guides, focusing on specific areas. Catalogues of the collection of the Jules Verne Archive are also available.

In de ban van Jules Verne

Book: In de ban van Jules Verne

This book was published on the occasion of the Jules Verne year 2005. It contains an extensive biography of Jules Verne, and a series of articles addressing various aspects of the life and works of Jules Verne: the Dutch editions of his stories, his visits to the Netherlands and Belgium, the Dutch and Belgian characters in his stories, etc.

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Dutch Jules Verne bibliography

Book: Jules Verne bibliography

The Dutch Jules Verne bibliography contains an overview of all Dutch editions of Jules Verne’s works. The differences between various printings are described in detail. Besides the Dutch editions, the bibliography also lists all editions from Belgium and the Dutch Indies, as well as cinema and theatre booklets, comic books, cigar bands, and other items related to Jules Verne.

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Collector’s compendia

Book: Jules Verne compendium

The Jules Verne collector’s compendia summarise all relevant information from the Jules Verne bibliography in orderly tables. By taking notes in the compendium, a collector can see at a glance which editions are still missing in his collection. So far, four compendia have appeared.

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Overview of lithographic covers

Book: Lithographic covers

Jules Verne’s stories were not only published in the famous ‘blue covers’, but they were also sold in separate issues that could be bound together, for example in a paper cover. The covers in one of these series, with coloured lithographs, are presented in this booklet.

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French editions of Jules Verne by Hetzel

Book: Hetzel editions

This booklet lists the original editions of Verne’s novels, as published by Hetzel: publications as a serial in various periodicals, books of different sizes, and richly illustrated luxurious editions. An example in colour is presented for each of the different cover designs.

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Book: Filmography

In this overview, 176 motion picture adaptations of Jules Verne’s stories are described. The most important details of each film are given: director, producer, year and country, length, short summary, etc. The filmography contains many full-colour illustrations.

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