Mrs. Branican

Book: Mrs. Branican
Book: Mrs. Branican
Mrs. Branican

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Jules Verne’s novel Mistress Branican was published in 1891 in the Magasin d’éducation et de récréation (Paris). In the same year, the rights for a Dutch translation were acquired. However, the book never appeared as nr. 52 in the famous series of “blue covers” published by Elsevier. In fact, it was never even translated to Dutch.

Yet this is one of Verne’s great unknown novels, featuring Dolly Branican, one of his finest heroines. The Dutch Jules Verne Society has taken up the task of translating and publishing the novel.

This hardcover edition of Mrs. Branican, bound in a full-colour cover, contains 428 black and white pages. All 83 original engravings by Léon Benett are included, as well as maps of Oceania and Australie. The book’s dimensions are 15.5 × 23 cm.

ISBN: 978-90-78363-15-6
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