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Magazine: Verniaan 52
Verniaan 52

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The Verniaan, the magazine of the Dutch Jules Verne Society, is issued twice a year. Each edition is dedicated to one of Jules Verne’s books.

The first Verniaan appeared in September 1994, three years before the Society was founded. In those days, the Verniaan was made for a group of collectors, who used to meet regularly. In 1997, these collectors founded the Dutch Jules Verne Society, and the Verniaan became the official periodic of the association.

Past issues of the Verniaan

To give you an impression of the Verniaan, the following is available on this site:

Old editions are available on CD-rom and can be ordered.

Copy for the Verniaan

The articles in the Verniaan are mostly written by members of the Dutch Jules Verne Society, but contributions from other authors are more than welcome too. See the guidelines for authors for the topics of the next few issues, the editor’s address, and the deadlines for submission.