Publications of the Dutch Jules Verne Society

Twice a year, the Dutch Jules Verne Society publishes its magazine, the Verniaan. In addition, the Society regularly issues publications on various topics: stories by Jules Verne, bibliographies, etc.

The Society’s publications are available to members and non-members alike. Members pay a lower price.

Books by Jules Verne (new translations)

Book: Jeugdherinneringen

Many of Jules Verne’s stories have been translated to Dutch. Most famous are the so-called blue covers, a series that comprises 51 volumes. When Elsevier stopped publishing new translations, other publishers filled the gap. Some novels remain untranslated, just like many theatre plays, poems and other texts.

From time to time, the Dutch Jules Verne Society publishes translations of these stories that have never appeared in Dutch. Translated by our members, these texts are now available to the Dutch reader.

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Books by Jules Verne (reprints of old translations)

Book: Het bestuurbare eiland

Of the stories that have been translated to Dutch, many are quite elusive nowadays. Some books have only been printed in small numbers and are quite rare today. Other translations were never even published in a volume, but only as a series in a periodical.

The Dutch Jules Verne Society has republished some of these lesser known translations. The original translation is respected, even if it is not always complete and unabridged. Most books are illustrated with the original engravings, which had often been left out of the original Dutch editions.

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Biographic and bibliographic works

Book: Jules Verne bibliografie

The aim of the Dutch Jules Verne Society is to collect, process and distribute information of and about Jules Verne and his works. The Society’s efforts in this area have led to several publications.

In 2005, the book In de ban van Jules Verne was published, the first Dutch biography since E. Franquinet’s work in 1942. Extensive reseach into the many different Dutch editions of Jules Verne’s works resulted in the publication of the Dutch Jules Verne bibliography. Additionally, the Society has published several other bibliographic guides, focusing on specific areas. Catalogues of the collection of the Jules Verne Archive are also available.

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De Verniaan

Periodical: Verniaan 55

The Dutch Jules Verne Society publishes the magazine De Verniaan, which is distributed among the members twice a year.

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