De gebroeders Kip

Book: De gebroeders Kip
De gebroeders Kip

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In 1902, Jules Verne’s novel Les frères Kip was published in two volumes by J. Hetzel et Cie (Paris). In 1903, Vivat (Amsterdam) published a Dutch translation under the title De muiters van de James Cook. In this Vivat edition, the two volumes were joined, the text was abridged, and part of the original illustrations was left out. This 1903 edition is very hard to find nowadays, which is why it was published from 2006–2008 in De Verniaan, the magazine of the Dutch Jules Verne Society.

Our member Jos van Geffen created a new layout for the text of the Vivat edition. He also made the orthography more consistent, without drastic changes in style. The new edition contains all 60 original illustrations: 60 engravings by George Roux and 20 illustrations taken from other sources.

This paperback edition of De gebroeders Kip contains 172 pages, and is printed in black and white with a full-colour cover.

ISBN: 978-90-78363-14-9
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