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An alternative cover used for the Van Santen books (1875–1876)

The first twelve titles of the Dutch language edition of Jules Verne’s Voyages extraordinaires (Wonderreizen) were published by Van Santen in 1875–1876. They marked the beginning of a series of 51 uniform post 8o-sized books, which are well known in their traditional blue linen covers, and of which the complete possession forms the pride of any Dutch Jules Verne collector.

Recently, a number of these Van Santen titles were found in another book cover, which resembles the one used by his predecessor W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink for five Verne titles in 1871–1875.

When first found, this “new” cover was dismissed as a result of private binding. As more copies emerged, and particularly several of the same title, it became clear that this was also an original Van Santen cover. The identical characteristic lettering on the front cover used for the author’s name and for the title betrays the common origin of the two versions. The newly found cover was most likely meant for those who wished to continue collecting Verne books in the Tjeenk Willink style.

Illustration: Cover of the new type
Van Santen – 1 (new type)
Illustration: blue cover
Van Santen – 2 (blue cover)

Photographs of the alternative cover

Book: Reis om de wereld in 80 dagen
Book: Reis om de wereld in 80 dagen
Book: Reis om de wereld in 80 dagen
Book: Kapitein Grant
Book: Kapitein Grant
Book: Kapitein Grant
Book: Naar het middelpunt der aarde

Overview of copies found so far

This table lists all titles published by Van Santen, as well as the details of the new covers found so far.

Overview of copies with the new alternative cover found so far
Number Title Colour Year Edition Source
1 De reis om de wereld in 80 dagen blue 1876 3 coll. Saariste
brown coll. Akkerman
red? 1877 5 scan in archive Waij
2De reis naar de maan in 28 dagen
3 De kinderen van Kapitein Grant: Zuid Amerika green 1876 1 coll. H. Gorter
4 De kinderen van Kapitein Grant: Australië pink 1876 1 coll. Saariste
green coll. H. Gorter
5 De kinderen van Kapitein Grant: Stille Zuidzee pink 1876 1 seen on internet
green coll. H. Gorter
620.000 mijlen onder zee: Oostelijk halfrond
720.000 mijlen onder zee: Westelijk halfrond
8Vijf weken in een luchtballon
9Geheimzinnige Eiland: Luchtschipbreukelinge
10Geheimzinnige Eiland: Verlatene
11 Naar het middelpunt der aarde green 1877 1 coll. Akkerman
12Michael Strogoff, de koerier van den czaar

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