France, 2005

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jules Verne’s death, the Centre International Jules Verne in Amiens organizes the “Mondial Jules Verne”, a series of activities in the cities Amiens, Nantes and Paris. The main purpose of these eight days is to allow Verne fans from all countries to get to know each other, and to celebrate together this important year.
A major part of the activities is the international symposium that will take place on 22 and 23 March, and where presentations on a range of topics will be given. Besides more specific topics, the various Jules Verne Societies will present themselves. The Dutch Jules Verne Society will be present at this symposium.

Here is the programme as proposed by the Centre International Jules Verne. On their website you can find more information on the “Mondial Jules Verne”.

Saturday, 19 March

Sunday, 20 March

Day in Amiens

Monday, 21 March

Day in the Baie de Somme:

Tuesday, 22 March

Day in Amiens: “Symposium”

Wednesday, 23 March

Day in Amiens:

Thursday, 24 March

Half-day in Amiens: Commemoration ceremony

Departure for the airport, or:

Half-day in Nantes:

Friday, 25 March

Half-day in Nantes:

Departure for Paris by TGV

Half-day in Paris:

Saturday, 26 March

Day in Paris:

Sunday, 27 March

Departure for the airports (option)

See: Overview of activities in 2005.